Zirconia beads, Zirconium Silicate Beads, Dispersion / Milling Media, Ceramic Shot Peening / Blasting Media.| CHEMCO 
Sub-micron Zircon Opacifier
Average Particle Size (Malvern D50) < 1 μm; 100% < 3 μm
Narrow Particle Size Distribution (as below FIG.)
ZrO2  content > 64.5%
Chemical Composition (wt%)
ZrO2 > 64.5
SiO2 < 33.0
TiO2 < 0.12
Fe2O3 < 0.08
Density ( g/cm3 ) > 4.5
Bulk Density* ( g/cm3 ) 0.7
(* Low bulk density relates to the extremely fine particle size)
Applications & Advantages
Wall, floor and porcelain tiles, sanitaryware and tableware.

CHEMCO Sub-micron zircon opacifier is typically used to achieve the maximum opacity level and whiteness per weight percent added to ceramic body and glaze or when maximum gloss in the glaze is required. It noticeably brightens up the color shade of colored glazes.

CHEMCO Sub-micron zircon opacifier enables the users to reduce at least 20% consumption of zircon opacifier, while achieving the same opacity and whiteness level as other standard opacifiers. It considerably saves costs.

Exclusively sourcing premium grade zircon sand as raw material from world leading producers
ensures premium chemical composition and the lowest radiation hazards.

Large production and homogeneity facility combined with our +10 years experience in fine-milling
technology, CHEMCO Sub-micron zircon opacifier maintains the highest consistency and quality standard.